Tristan  and  Iseult  as depicted by  Edmund Blair Leighton (1853–1922).  The myth and the essence of the love triangle! 

Tristan and Iseult as depicted by Edmund Blair Leighton(1853–1922).  The myth and the essence of the love triangle! 

Mosey is a bibliophile.  It's before the internet so, his source for all the intriguing info he has stored up in his head comes from books.  He stumbles upon the myth of Tristan and Iseult.  Of course, you can go to wiki and read all about the legend.  

These books are the ones Mosey reads.  The language is extra old timey which I find very cool!  I'm not a Middle Ages poetry freak or anything, but here's a sniglet of a poem included in the history of the myth Mosey reads when he first starts uncovering some of the mystery up on Pig Mountain. 

Now that the maiden and the man,
Fair Iseult and Tristan,
Both drank the drink, upon them pressed
What gives the world such sore unrest,—
Love, skilled in sly and prowling arts,—
And swiftly crept both in their hearts:
So, ere of him they were aware,
Stood his victorious banners there.
He drew them both into his power:
One and single were they that hour
That two and twofold were before...
— Gottfried von Straassburg (Bayard Taylor's tr.)